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1 lives in Arizona
7 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
3 live in Delaware
12 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
1 lives in Idaho
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Kentucky
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
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1 lives in Nevada
11 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
3 live in New York
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
117 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
2 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
1 lives in United Kingdom
284 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 39.3%

A:   184   Joined
B:   284   Not Joined

Bishop McDevitt High School
Class of 1965





Our Class of '65 website is a lot of things, you might say it is  ‘multi-tasking!’

Details for our collective Class of '65 - 70th Birthday Celebration, Saturday evening, September 23, 2017 - STILL THE BIG THRILL 7.0 is posted  ONLINE ONLY.

If you change your e-mail address, please UPDATE your Profile - Go to MEMBER FUNCTIONS - click EDIT CONTACT INFORMATION. Delete your old e-mail address and input your new e-mail address and/or your snail mail address & contact phone number. Class of '65 is going green - we're NOT using snail mail. If you know any Class of '65 graduate not registered on our website, please contact them to Register and join our website. Check list of "Missing Classmates". The definition of a "Missing Classmate" means they're not yet Registered on our website: Snail Mail invitations will NOT be sent to any classmate for future Class of '65 celebrations - details for all future Class of '65 celebrations will be posted on this website. Thank you.

45,020:  Exact number of visits to our Class of '65 website since our website went live July 29, 2014. Each person is counted only once per 24-hour period. Thank you for supporting our Class of '65 website, not only financially, but by keeping our website easy to find on Google. If former '65 classmates want to find us, they can!

MEMBER DISCLAIMER:  Any Member may have his/her membership revoked at the discretion of the Site Administrators. The privacy and security for all Class of '65 Registered Members is considered a top priority for purposes of this website.  

This is a forum for our class. Be polite, use your manners, adhere to the Golden Rule and be mindful that although they are words, they can still hurt.

Please refrain from volatile topics like religion and politics. While they are an integral part of our lives, that's not what you should be here to talk about. If you are, please find another group. If you do, your posts will be deleted.  

The site is for enjoyment. There are a number of alternatives out there for expressing opinions.


SAVE THE DATE - SATURDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 -  the collective Class of '65 - 70th Birthday Celebration: STILL THE BIG THRILL 7.0!  Join our website to read all our fun news!  Snail Mail invitations will NOT be sent to any '65 classmate for future Class of '65 celebrations - details for all future Class of '65 celebrations will be posted on this website. 



In the Fall of 1961, 533 young adults entered Bishop McDevitt High School. Over the next four years we would learn how the events of recent years came about, and why they would almost certainly shape our future. In 1965 we began a quest to make the future a better place. This website is dedicated to our story. It's about who we were and what we've become.  Our Class of '65 website has been extended through 2022. 


If you're ever curious about any link on the site, just click on it!  There isn't anything on our site that will wreck your computer, smart phone or tablet. 

This site isn't as difficult as it might seem.  We are all children of the analog years, but YOU CAN DO THIS!!!   POST '50th and MOVING FORWARD, we hope to see many '65-ers at informal Class of '65 gatherings - details posted on our website.  

Please take a few minutes to visit the IN MEMORY page.  Honor the memories of our '65 classmates, who are no longer with us, by adding your thoughts or personal stories under IN MEMORY of the classmates you knew.

McDevitt Class of '65 website was created to help promote, celebrate, and reconnect with classmates.
We need your photos, updates, and memories to enhance the site.
Your fellow classmates will enjoy hearing about you, 
even if you haven't attended a reunion, nor kept in touch since high school.
 Please take the time to update your Profile
and maybe add a photo or two.
Your additions will make this site fun, interesting and complete!

McDevitt Class of '65

There are many features and places to visit, reminisce and stay informed.  Our Class of '65 website is like a living entity and is updated regularly. It's also another place where we can communicate with one another,  much like other social networks but privately and exclusively for McDevitt Class of '65  If this is your first time visiting here, we strongly recommend you visit the "First Time Visitor's" tab. users:  Class of '65 email notifications are not going through.  This is a problem.  If you know a 65 classmate with a email address, please let them know.  In the meantime, they can always log on to to see what's going on.  

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Other High School Classes:  If you like this website and wish to create one for your own reunion, feel free to contact us directly.  Even if you don't have a reunion on the horizon, this program makes it much, much easier for classmates to stay in touch and stay involved.  For more information about the ClassCreator software program and hosting service, contact us.  It helps us if you are referred through us, so if you are interested, please mention our promo code:  M6665513. Again, any questions, please contact us.




Bob Mercer  4/21
Margie Doyle (Koch)  4/27
Vern Candy  4/29
Greg Salerno  4/29
Tom Hagan  4/30
Bill Marzario  4/30
Ken Colucci  5/3
Frannie Cronin  5/7
Tim Dunleavy  5/16
Dana Christ  5/17
Skip Hartman  5/19